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Holidays in Gammarth

Founded by the Phoenicians and rebuilt by the Romans, Gammarth is an attractive seaside town located 20 kms north of Tunis, the capital of the country. The turquoise bay of COTES DE CARTHAGE extends from the ruins of the ancient site right up to this delightful resort.

In addition to offering easy access to the country’s capital, Tunis, Gammarth is close to the historic settlement of Carthage and the neighbouring resort towns of La Marsa and Sidi Bou Said where, in the latter, visitors can stroll amongst its attractive blue and white houses and enjoy a drink in a traditional Moorish cafe.

La Marsa, which was heavily influenced by the French Protectorate, has a lively nightlife and many good restaurants. Soon to be boasting its own golf course and casino, this town has a mild Mediterranean climate – hot, dry summers and cooler winters. It is sunny for most of the day which makes it popular for beachgoers and tourists who seek the strong African sun at its best.

The nearest airport, Tunis international airport, is just a few miles away whilst Monastir is approximately 2 hours away. Gammarth can also be reached by bus or taxi from Tunis the capital city.